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Why are there different bottles for each white wine?⁠⁠

The first thing we have to know is that originally the bottles fulfilled a technical role. Burgundy-type bottles (without shoulders) were chosen for light and white wines and Bordeaux-type bottles (with shoulders) for reds and more intense wines since they could have sediment and the shape of the container helped to stop them from passing to the cup.⁠

Today the choice has more to do with marketing objectives, however, some definitions are maintained and are the ones we can see in the video:⁠

🔹 Darker bottles for "Reserva" white wines. Why? The light damages the wine so, even in whites, the bottle tends to be darker like in the Chardonnay Reserva de Fabre Montmayou @fabre_montmayou in the video.⁠

🔸Transparent bottles, usually Bordeaux, for young wines. These are wines that are consumed the same year of production like this Ara Chardonnay from Bodega Los Aromitos @bodega.losaromitos

🔹 Sweets usually have smaller and thinner bottles, it has to do with the fact that the resulted volume in the production process is usually lower like in this La Puerta Dulce Natural from @bodegavalledelapuerta in La Rioja⁠

🔸 There are very few botrytized wines in Argentina (botrytis is a fungus that dehydrates grapes) because we do not share the characteristics of the famous Sauternes region in Bordeaux. However, we do have some very good specimens like the Rutini @rutiniwines from the Video. In this type of wine, the concentration is extreme and that is why the bottles must be small or very thin.⁠

🔹 Of course there are also special edition bottles like this Geguztraminer from Bodega Las Perdices @las_perdices in a blue glass bottle of Italian origin that seeks to show the characteristics of the product.⁠

And what else would you like to know about bottle formats and their styles? I'll read you here to share more tips and recommendations.⁠

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