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Digital Marketing

Brand design and update. Positioning, audiences, communication and campaigns.

My 20 years of experience in agencies, national and multinational companies combined with my knowledge of the wine industry, are the ideal blend to advise your winery, wine store, distributor or company in the wine world on the best Marketing and Communication strategies to reach your target audiences.

Wine Tastings Design 

Experiences that stimulate the senses and invites you to share and transmit the essence of the World of Wine.

Designed tastings and events based on the profile of the activity, the participants and the type of experience sought.

I make proposals that range from tastings at family celebrations and private events to activities with teams of sommeliers at corporate events.

Courses and Training

Specially designed for audiences: consumers, customers and employees.

I am a Sommelier teacher, Strategic Marketing and Digital Marketing.​ I design and carry out training activities for the trade, as well as personalized and intensive courses for those who seek to learn about the wine and beverage industry.


Online Marketing, Content and Communication for your company in the wine industry.

I advise on MKT and Communication strategies, as well as on the definition and design of events.

I also do consultancy in the assembly of menus and training for the salon and sales teams.

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