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Who is going to taste the win🍷?

It is the usual question in every restaurant and this step has its reasons. Today I tell you what it is about:⁠

🍷 They actually serve us the glass so we can smell the wine. why? Because all the defects of the wine are felt in the nose, it is not necessary to taste it. ⁠

🍷 We usually taste the wine when they serve us. In addition to checking that there are no defects, we also feel if the wine is at the correct temperature. Who didn't happen to be served hot wine? I must say that it has happened to me more than once.⁠

In short, this procedure is about confirming the wine conditions and serving it to everyone at the table. Many times, too, the cork is presented so that we can smell it and check if it was in good condition.⁠

Did you know all this? Tell me, has it happened to you to find a wine that had a defect? It is not usual, but it can happen. I read you 🤩⁠

In my video I have some beautiful wines that are always impeccable:⁠

🍷 Quinquela Red Bled from La Rioja @bodegavalledelapuerta

🍷 Roaring 45 from Chubut @otroniapatagoniaextrema

🍷 Pokhara Bonarda and Simonassi Cabernet Sauvignon @bodegasimonassilyo






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