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What is sake 🤩?⁠

Today I want to talk to you about Japan's national drink, sake. It is produced from the fermentation of rice and the "Jizake" or local sake has differences depending on the region.⁠

As with wine, it is described by its aroma, color, and flavor. Ginjoshu (high quality sake) has a fruity aroma and Koshu (aged sake) smells of dried fruit or spices. The transparency of sake depends on the method of pressing and filtering. Its flavor depends on the degree of sweetness, dryness, richness, lightness, or body it has. ⁠

The sake can be enjoyed hot or cold 😎 and will depend on the pairing. ⁠

I had the opportunity to learn this and more at the Embassy of Japan @japanemb_arg from the hand of the Spanish sommelier Roger Ortuño @ortuno creator of the community @comerjapones⁠

What did I try 😍?⁠

◽️ Senior Hakutsuru Junmai Ginjou @hakutsuru.sake.usa⁠

◽️ Namachozou Hakutsuru Draft Sake ⁠

◽️ Junmai Daiginjou Kitaya san @kitaya_sake_shochu⁠

◽️ Kamejikomi Masahiro (awamori). Sake aged for 5 years. @masahiro_shuzo⁠

◽️ Sayuri (creamy sake) ⁠

◽️ Awayuki (sparkling sake)⁠

And you, have you ever tried sake? tell me your experience 🤩⁠

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