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4️⃣ Myths about sparkling wines 🥂⁠

Today we are going to demolish some myths about bubbles that are repeated and shared in meetings and gatherings. I love sparkling wines and I think they are a great complement as appetizers, pairings, and desserts. So here we go #mythbuster

1️⃣ Sparkling wine gives me a headache. This is definitely not real. You may have an allergy or a particular situation (it is not usual), but sparkling wines do not give you a headache. As they are very drinkable, they are often taken more quickly without alternating with water and this is the reason why we can have consequences the next day.⁠

2️⃣ All the good sparkling wines are from Mendoza in Argentina. We have great wines from all wine regions and we also have excellent bubbles. I recommend you meet those from Patagonia, I do have in my video a #DESEADO from @schroederwines , Nequén, Patagonia.

3️⃣ All sparkling wines are champagne. Champagne is made in the Champagne region of France. It is a Denomination of Origin, however, do not be confused, there are great sparkling wines in all the wine regions of the world.⁠

4️⃣ All sparkling wines are the same. Definitely not. There is the traditional method or champenoise (second fermentation in the bottle), the charmat method (second fermentation in the tank), and the ancestral method (a single fermentation). In addition, there is a multitude of varietals that are used in the base wine, including red grapes. Each one with its style, each one with its personality.⁠

It was useful to you? What other myths do you know about sparkling wines? I read you 😍⁠

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