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3 types of Wine cellar 🍷⁠

When we start in the world of wine, it is normal to accumulate bottles all over the house 🖐🏻. However, there always comes a time when you have to put order and decide where to store, especially if we talk about aged wines, those that were designed to evolve in the bottle.⁠

Here I share 3 options:

🍷 Wine Cellar Pro. They are usually those for professional use and have the advantage of having more cooling capacity. In addition, in my case I have dual temperature so I use them for both reds and whites and sparkling wines. There are also simple and triple temperatures. They make a little more noise but the wines are less affected by the external temperature and, yes, they are more expensive. Mine are from @winefroz_

🍷 Wine Cellar for home. The thermoelectric cellars work with the peltier system, which means that they cool using electricity, taking in the external air and lowering its temperature, not through an engine. In general they are only for red wines because the temperature range is more limited. Mine are from @vondom_arg@winecollection_ and Coolbrand.⁠

🍷Shelves. In this case, the advantage is that it is more accessible 💰 and possibly with more capacity, the disadvantage is that unless you have them in a refrigerated and dark room, it is very difficult to meet the storage conditions for long periods of time. For daily and rotating wines, they are ideal. Mine is custom made by @cavasastor

Which to choose? It all depends on what your goal is. If it is a commercial space or your home. If you are looking to store for long periods or if you are going to store for shorter periods. Also the space you have available and, without a doubt, the costs and consumption.⁠

If you have doubts about how to save, I have a super complete video on my Solsommelier YouTube channel and, as always, you can also consult me ​​here 😊⁠




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