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What are barrel wines🍷 like in Argentina?⁠

In Argentina, few wineries use production processes that involve large oak barrels and many years of evolution, one of them is Bodega Weinert @bodega.weinert

Located in Lujan de Cuyo, built-in 1890 and founded in 1975 by the Brazilian of German origin Don Bernardo Weinert, this winery today has the largest collection of barrels and vessels in Argentina with more than 230 of them. For the aging of the wines, they have a collection of barrels of 5,000 to 6,000 liters and foudres of 2,000-2,500 liters for their classic line wines.⁠

What is the characteristic of these wines? ⁠

These large oak barrels are ideal for long aging, achieving complex aromas, maintaining the fruit, and, at the same time, developing tertiary aromas typical of aging. A type of process widely used in Europe.⁠

Of course, these wines are very different from what we taste every day. Therefore, to broaden your palate, I recommend that you get to know them and if you can visit the winery as I had the opportunity to do thanks to the kindness of Iduna Weinert @iweinert

And you, did you already know these production processes? And these wines? Do you have doubts? I read you here. 😀

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