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The secret to pouring a wine glass 🍷correctly✅⁠

It seems very simple, however, like everything in the world of wine and the search for greater enjoyment, there are some secrets that you have to know:⁠

❌ Never serve a little quantity of wine. It will lose temperature quickly and its aromas will not be appreciated. If they are white, it is allowed to serve a smaller quantity so that it does not get hot.⁠

❌ Never fill the wine glass until the top. Because the wine will heat up quickly and there will be no room to appreciate the aromas.⁠

✅ The cup is always filled to the equator which is the wider part of the wine glass. You can also guide yourself taking into account that it will be approximately 1/3 of its capacity.⁠

✅ If you don't want to spill when serving or ruin the label, I recommend you to use a "drop stop". I use the flexible ones because they can be easily washed and I find them more hygienic.⁠

And you, what other secrets do you have to serve and enjoy wine? Tell me, I'll read you here 😍⁠

PS: the Crios #redblend@susanabalbowines was drunk 🙃

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