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Did you know that Mezcal is a high quality destilled 😎?⁠

Until a few weeks ago I thought, possibly like you (unless you're an expert 🤩), that mezcal is a lower-quality version of tequila. Luckily, I had the fortune to participate in a master class with Ivan Saldaña @agabiotico that allowed me to learn and break down myths, so here I share some points:⁠

⭐️ Mezcal can be handmade and premium⁠

⭐️ There are between 150 and 250 species of Agave, each one is different and brings unique characteristics to the drink⁠

⭐️The terroir (soil, land, climate, height) also has an impact on the final product⁠

⭐️ Cooking can be done in a conical floor oven, masonry oven, and autoclave⁠

⭐️ Grinding can be done in a tahoma (or stone mill), mortar, press, or mechanical mill⁠

⭐️ Fermentation is done in wood, metal, cement, or leather⁠

⭐️Distillation can be done in copper, steel, clay, or distillation column⁠

⭐️ They can be young or reserve

⭐️ Mezcal is also DOC, Controlled Designation of Origin

I met Ojo de Tigre @mezcalojodetigre, in this case, an artisan product where a conical oven is used, fermented in wooden vats, and distilled twice in a still. Maguey Espadín from Oaxaca is used for the sweet and smoky notes, in addition to Maguey Tobalá from Puebla which gives complexity.⁠

This mezcal is one of the fastest-growing brands in the world and now it is also in Argentina 😍 It is young, soft, fresh, and delicious alone or in a cocktail bar. Who brings this proposal to the country is the people of Norton @bodeganorton who add this new proposal to their portfolio.⁠

And you, have you tried mezcal yet? Do you like it? Share with me your experience 😃⁠






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