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What is sabrage?⚔️🍷⁠

Basically, a technique to open bottles of champagne (or sparkling wines 😁) with a saber and it used to be used on ceremonial occasions. It was born with Napoleon who liked to celebrate with his cavalry by opening bottles with his emblematic weapon, the saber.⁠

Of course, there are alternative options like using a wine glass (as in the video😄) among others. The key is to hit the right place on the bottleneck.


🔸 The bottleneck is always in the opposite direction to the person who uncorks.⁠

🔸 There is a lot of pressure and we can hurt someone, my cork flew 12 meters.⁠ Be careful!!

🔸It's just a matter of giving a sharp blow to the bottleneck close to the annulus part, but beware, doing it wrong can end in an accident.

After the warning announcements, as Napoléon would say "Champagne! In victory one deserves it; in defeat, one needs it" so let's toast. ⁠

In this case, my glass was filled with a naturally sweet Patagonian sparkling wine, the DESEADO by @schroederwines

And you, did you already know this technique? Did you try it? I read you.⁠

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