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Weinert added 32 new oak casks 🍷

After 80 years, big casks have been reassembled in an artisanal way in Argentina. The producer is the Italian @garbellottobotti and the place @bodega.weinert where these barrels ranging from 4700 to 7500 liters were assembled from scratch. The interesting thing is that according to the type of oak they have been classified as sweet, spicy, structured, and balanced. Each combination of woods has been studied to impact the wine in a different way and thus will be used in the winery. With this incorporation, which involved an investment of 1 million dollars💸, the winery has a capacity of 170,000 additional liters of wine in their production, thinking of growing in the domestic market. Today 85% of its production goes abroad, especially to the Netherlands. I had the pleasure 🤗 of sharing the tour and tasting with @hubert_weber @rodowine and @guadalupesarmiento as well as enjoying some unique gems: 🌸 From the Monteflury line we tried the pinot noir rosé. For this brand, they also added chardonnay and pinot noir (which I also tasted) that evolve on 500-liter pipes. 🍷 Weinert Malbec 2018 and a Cabernet Franc 2019 that I loved for all their typicity and elegance, from now on a chosen label of my favorite grape. 🌟 Cabernet Sauvignon 1977 🤩 It's older than me and it stays fresh, elegant, and fruity. Incredible and also for sale 😎 in the vintage collection at USD 2500. 🌟 Merlot Estrella 1999 🙃, for me an icon of this variety. Elegant, juicy, intense, unmissable. Today, in addition, I learned a lot about evolved wines, aging, and the behavior of wine in big oak barrels. According to Hubert, the keys for a wine to evolve properly over time are: grapes, classic vinification, filtering and storage conditions. ✅️ Additional data. The giant cask on the video is the largest in use in Latin America with its 44 thousand liters. And you, have you tried cask wines yet? . . . . #solsommelier #winetasting #lovewine #instantaneous #winereel #vinodetonel #wine #vinoargentino

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