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Start the week with Spritz 🍹⁠

I invite you to enjoy a Spritz, an Italian aperitif that was born more than a century ago. ⁠

It is a drink created in the 19th century, in the Veneto region, when the soldiers of the Austro-Hungarian empire dominated the north of the Italian Peninsula. It is believed that because they found the local wines too strong, they decided to mix them with soda and call it "spritz" because "spritzen" means "to sprinkle" in German. Today, Spritz is the cocktail of choice at carnivals in Venice.

Only 3 ingredients are part of this drink:⁠

🔹 1 part of Aperol @aperolargentina

🔸 1 part of Extra Brut Sparkling Wine, I chose DESEADO from @schroederwines

🍊 A slice of orange to decorate⁠

In many recipes, a dash of soda water is also added but I chose not to do it 😛 ⁠

And you, what refreshing drinks do you like to enjoy at the end of the day?⁠

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