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Do you know about the wines🍷 of Córdoba, Argentina?⁠

This province of Argentina is located in the center of the country where today there are 14 producing winneries. Some specialists call the productive area "The Rhone of Argentina" due to the conditions of its soil and its climate.⁠

When the Jesuits settled in the current territory of the province, in 1618, they began wine production on the Jesús María ranch, with which activity began to flourish during the pre-viceroyalty period. With some ups and downs throughout history, the region continues to be productive and today is growing.⁠

Córdoba is located between latitudes 30° to 32.5° South and at an altitude ranging from 400 to 1,200 meters above sea level. The productive zones are: Sierras Chicas, Norte, Punilla, Traslasierras and Calamuchita.⁠

🍷 In my video I have a wine from Piensa winery @piensawines

Would you like to know more about this region? I read your questions in the post 😊⁠





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