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7️⃣ facts about Argentina that you don´t know

I´m Marisol de la Fuente, Sommelier, and I will share with you all the tips and trends you need to know about the wines from my country, Argentina.⁠

From North to South, all the regions, all the styles, all the grape varieties in one place.⁠

Today, I want to share 7 facts about Argentina that will surprise you:

🍷 5th world´s largest wine producer

🍷 7th largest country in cultivate surface

🍷 9th largest country wine consumption

🍷 Buenos Aires is the 2nd largest city in wine consumption after Paris

🍷10th world´s largest wine exporter

🍷895 wine producers

🍷 United Estates is our main export market

Take a glass and enjoy this ride, I will be here to answer all your questions. about Argentina Wine 🥰




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