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3️⃣ Mistakes to aging wine 🍷⁠

When we talk about aging wine that can evolve over time (remember that NOT all wines can evolve), we have to take into account some tips. ⁠

Here I share the most common mistakes:⁠

1️⃣ Storage the wine on that shelf above the kitchen where it's really hot. High temperatures damage the wine, if you are looking to aging it properly, it must be at a stable temperature between 14° and 16°⁠ celsius degrees.⁠

2️⃣ Aging the wine with the bottle upright. If it is a wine for aging, it is very likely that it has a natural cork. For this reason, when stored upright, the cork will not be in contact with the liquid and will dry out, allowing more oxygen than desired to pass through. ⁠

3️⃣ Store in the fridge. It's fine to cool them down before drinking but if you leave it for too long you'll end up damaging the wine. Too much heat and too much cold are bad for a wine to evolve correctly.⁠

In addition, I share some other recommendations:⁠

🍷 Store in a dark place, the light damages the wine.⁠

🍷 Make it in a quiet place, vibrations damage the wine.⁠

🍷 If you don't have a cellar with temperature and humidity control, don't worry, look for a space in your house like the closet or under the bed.⁠

What other questions do you have about aging wine? send a message and I'll answer you in the comments 😍⁠

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